Thursday, March 29, 2012

One floor down, 2 to go!

I have been busy the last couple of days. I sorted through the living/dining room and sold many pieces on an online yard sale. I love how the living room turned out. So much space to play for the boys :) I only have one "before" pic, so here you go:

And this is how our living/dining room looks now:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My new bible ...

I started reading this amazing book "The joy of less" by Francine Jay. I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in a useful, well written minimalist living guide.

I'm back!! No, I didn't already lose all my motivation ... ;)

... I just have been holding off on the decluttering and blogging about it, since we had our lovely friends from Italy visiting for a few weeks.
But now I have some time on my hands again and continued sorting out things- today I finished the hallway :)

I have no "before" pic but believe me, it was cluttered!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Visual clutter ...

... that I adore. As much as I am trying to simplify my home and life, I realize that there are some things that are considered "clutter" that make me very happy. I have a picture wall in my living room, that I absolutely love. It's unique, it's colorful and it's US, so I decided to make that wall the main focus point of the living area. I will declutter and minimize the rest of the room, so that "heartpiece"of mine gets the undivided attention it deserves ;)

Monday, February 20, 2012

I love progress!

While Keegan took a little nap on my back this morning (I love my Kinderpack!), I had some time to continue working on decluttering /sorting through the kitchen. Here is what I got done today:

And to "my defense" I want to add: I know that I most likely don't NEED those few decor items I kept, to live. But they are dear to my heart and if I threw them out to archive a real minimalistic home, it would just not be "me" and I would probably feel pretty uncomfortable. So I guess this is as minimalistic as it gets ;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

And so I begin ....

...slowly, little by little , counter by counter and shelf by shelf I started sorting through all these things I thought I needed all this time.



Lots of stuff to donate already, and this was just one corner of my kitchen ;)

Nobody said this was going to be easy, lol ...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bins, containers and boxes ...

Before I start sorting out the stuff in my kitchen, the first room that is going to be reorganized, I need more storage. And since I don't want to buy anymore new stuff, I used some empty Spaghetti - and applesauce jars I still had around and pimped them up a little :) They will be perfect to hold cereal, beans or flour and such.
This is how they turned out:

I used this great tutorial from The Sweet Spot:

I also ordered these chalk labels on Etsy:

For the craft room, I decided to make some ocean themed utensil holders. Everybody that knows our family knows that we have a huge ocean lover under us, my six year old son Noah. He was thrilled to see his pencils and brushes in those nautical themed upcycled food cans :)

This is what inspired me:

Developing a plan...

So, the goal is to create a home free of unnecessary things and clutter and minimize my material possessions that way I can concentrate on the things that are really important in life. I know it will be a long, hard, and challenging process, but i hope to gain lots of positive energy from this experience.

What is my plan?

1.) Throw out anything we don't need or use.
This is going to be a hard one!
I will rigorously sort out anything that we don't need or use anymore. Only the things very dear to my heart and the ones we need and use regularly will stay.

2.) Organize my home.
The things that we do need to live need to be perfectly organized to save time and space.

3.)Stop buying new stuff!
The only time I am going to buy something is if we need it. No more "I want this jacket" even though I already own four others!

4.) One in, one out!
For every new item entering our home we will be letting go of one.

5.)Organize my time!
Try to develop a new schedule to use the time I have wisely spending it with people I enjoy being around :)

6.) Make things!
Start being more thrifty.
Make laundry soap, sew more and just enjoy crafting again!

That's what I have so far. I am sure this list will be edited and changed quite a bit along the way ;)

My vision of a simple life ... getting started.

"Less is more" - who hasn't heard that quote before... To me, those words never really made sense. In fact, in my world, more was indeed more. More money meant more shopping. More shopping meant more time spent doing so and more things that took up space in my home and also in my mind. More clutter meant more cleaning and so on and so on. Let's flip the coin. Less is more. Less shopping means more time. Less time spent on buying stuff means more time to spend with the ones I love, more money to save for important things, maybe that trip to Hawaii that my heart has been longing for? ;)? Less energy wasted on "stuff" means more energy to invest in the things that are REALLY important. My children and my husband. My friends. ME. My life. Let's do this!
Stay tuned to watch me trying to reorganize my life and, hopefully, make some progress at some point that guides me towards a more simple, more happy life with room for personal growth :)