Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bins, containers and boxes ...

Before I start sorting out the stuff in my kitchen, the first room that is going to be reorganized, I need more storage. And since I don't want to buy anymore new stuff, I used some empty Spaghetti - and applesauce jars I still had around and pimped them up a little :) They will be perfect to hold cereal, beans or flour and such.
This is how they turned out:

I used this great tutorial from The Sweet Spot:

I also ordered these chalk labels on Etsy:

For the craft room, I decided to make some ocean themed utensil holders. Everybody that knows our family knows that we have a huge ocean lover under us, my six year old son Noah. He was thrilled to see his pencils and brushes in those nautical themed upcycled food cans :)

This is what inspired me:

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