Saturday, February 18, 2012

My vision of a simple life ... getting started.

"Less is more" - who hasn't heard that quote before... To me, those words never really made sense. In fact, in my world, more was indeed more. More money meant more shopping. More shopping meant more time spent doing so and more things that took up space in my home and also in my mind. More clutter meant more cleaning and so on and so on. Let's flip the coin. Less is more. Less shopping means more time. Less time spent on buying stuff means more time to spend with the ones I love, more money to save for important things, maybe that trip to Hawaii that my heart has been longing for? ;)? Less energy wasted on "stuff" means more energy to invest in the things that are REALLY important. My children and my husband. My friends. ME. My life. Let's do this!
Stay tuned to watch me trying to reorganize my life and, hopefully, make some progress at some point that guides me towards a more simple, more happy life with room for personal growth :)

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